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Mix & Match Designer's Colors<br>四色配色大全
Mix & Match Designer's Colors

List Price: US$35.50

Our Price: US$26.80

This book has been designed to overcome the problems that are often experienced when using traditional methods of choosing and specifying tints for use in the four-color process. The extra-large swatches show the color extremely clearly, and the ability to turn them over individually allows colors to be directly compared. The breakdown for each color is clearly marked as a percentage on its relevant process color, making specification foolproof. The open spread of eight colors or the single page of four colors can be regarded as a "palette", and the designer can mix and match the colors to build up an overall mood for type or images. The 600 colors have been carefully selected to cover as wide a range as possible, with emphasis given to the lighter tints.
ADC   Complete Process Color Chart 四色配色手冊:NCS 產品 - 彩通色彩橋樑- 香港競成貿易行有限公司